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Would you like to add a musician to our system? Please enter a ReverbNation or MySpace web address of the musician you would like added here
(100 char max)
and we will add your musician within 12-24 hours.
A new way to add coming soon...

How to Add, Search & Update musicians on MusicPoll.ME

  • A search box will appear on the left side menu as part of the menu at all times.
  • Periodically a search box may appear in the right column while voting on polls.

Enter your search value (ie. musician name) in to the search box and press the "enter" or "return" key on your keyboard.

What does this function do?

  1. Searches our data for the musician,
  2. Searches the internet for the musician,
  3. Adds or Updates our data based on information found,

All three things in one! Search, add, and update; Plus, you get credit for adding / updating the musician if logged in.

When using this function on MusicPoll.ME please consider the following:

  • Use our submit function as you would a search engine. Try multiple combinations. Example; a bands name: "Skyfox", a musicians name: "Andy Ard", for DJ's "DJ Atak", or even "Paul Garcia Music".

  • Do not use any characters including quotes (") or comas (,) or periods (.) Please search only alpha numeric values.

  • Upon locating a new musician (adding), the musicians profile page will be immediately built, and your account (if logged in) will get credit for the add. If you are not logged in the guest account will be given credit for the add. Any musicians added by the guest account (non-logged in users), are snatchable (re-credited to the logged in user) upon the first update by the first logged in user. A musician can only be added to our database by a logged in user once. The update credit on a musicians page will be given to the user account whom has submitted the musicians information most recently.

    • What does it mean if/when I get "credit"? - When a musician is submitted the first time ex. Paul Garcia, a musician page is built as stated above. On the musicians page under "Music Player & Music Poll Stats" you will see "Added by:" with a link to the user account whom added the musician. On the example page (Paul Garcia) you will see that juan has the "Added by:" credit. You will also see "Updated by:" with a link to the user account whom has submitted the musicians information most recently.

    • "Added by:" Credits are only snatchable (re-credited to the logged in user) from the guest account (non-logged in users). Disputes are settled as they appear. This means if your account doesn't have credit for the add, and neither does the guest account, you didn't add the band in first!

  • "Unknown Band Error":

    • Unknown Band Error - When you receive this error it does not necessarily mean the band is not known to our system. What to do?

      1. Refer to the above references on searching. (link)

      2. Search for the band on MySpace Music and enter their user name (only).