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  What is a record label?
Record labels are companies that manufacture, distribute, and promote recorded music. There are two kinds of record labels- (1) indie (independent) labels and (2) major labels. Label is short for record label.
  What are the differences between "Major Label", "Indie Label", and "Unsigned"?
Major Label, Indie Label, and Unsigned are terms used in the music industry to describe the formal commercial associations of a musician. It inherently refers to the production and distribution resources available to a musician. While there is not an exact definition for any of the terms, there are some things are generally associated with each category:

Major Labels
• Include “the big four” (who also own smaller labels):
(1) Universal™, (2) Electric & Musical Industries (EMI)™, (3) Sony/Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG)™, and (4) Warner Music Group™
• Operate internationally
• Include self-owned distribution and publishing companies
• Own the rights to massive catalogs of titles for sale

Indie Labels
• Are operated independent of major record labels
• Usually sign musicians before major labels
• Use independent distributors (note: some of the larger labels are distributed by the major labels)
• Sign musicians of similar music styles
• Often use digital distribution methods to get their releases into stores (online and retail)
• Range from home-based hobby labels to large businesses

Unsigned Musicians
• Have no affiliation with a record label
• Sell and promote their own music and merchandise
• Are often seeking a Label contract
• Are sometimes famous musicians who release their music independently
• Maintain all rights to their music